A Glance at the Vulcan Hammer

Quickspin’s Hammer of Vulcan is a massive game with a massive theme that generates massive amounts of excellent data. Hammer of Vulcan is the first game from Quickspin to have a bonus purchase option, and it seems natural that this innovation should premiere alongside the game’s titular character. Quickspin has enlarged practically every facet of the game, most notably its potential. The studio ends the game by asking the player if they “might be worthy of such a treasure.” The only way to find out is to try it.

Sorry, Star Trek fans, but Hammer of Vulcan isn’t actually set on Vulcan. Instead of the Greek mythological one, Quickspin has utilized the Roman one. More lately, slot machines like Nero’s Fortune and Artemis vs. Medusa have begun venturing into this area. Vulcan was the Roman god of fire, and volcanoes were frequently shown above his forge, where he forged various holy objects.

Quickspin has successfully established his mastery over us lowly humans. The players stand on his sandals and stare up at the tall man as they play. When placed on top of a massive anvil, the 6 by 4 by 4096 win-all-ways grid seems skewed from this perspective. Set in the crater basins of Sicily’s Mount Etna, the game’s gloomy, sluggish music fits the setting well. There’s a dark, dense atmosphere, albeit perhaps not as much as in Yggdrasil’s Hades Gigablox (another similar slot).

Participants may join in the molten steel smashing from 10 percent up to $100 each spin, regardless of the equipment they’re using. The mathematical model has a high volatility of 5 out of 5, therefore you may need tongs to handle it. The journey is rocky, with ups and downs as arbitrary and capricious as the gods of mythology are sometimes supposed to be. With a somewhat below-average RTP of 95.81%, things level out in the long term.

The 10-A royals kick off the pay table, which is followed by tongs, shields, helmets, swords, chalices, and gold golems. Six of a kind premiums provide payouts ranging from 4.5 to 12 times the initial wager. Wild symbols can stand in for any other pay symbol and are worth as much as the gold golem. The Hammer Wild is the second kind of wild that may be found here.

Vulcan’s Hammer – Key Functions

Hammer Strikes, Light the Forge!, Strike Again!, and a purchase option are the four characteristics that bear Vulcan’s imprint.

In the Hammer Strike bonus round, Vulcan smacks the reels whenever a Hammer Wild appears. When this happens, all of the icons on the reels below the Hammer Wild will also go wild. Hammer Wilds may occur on any reel, and their ability to stack in free games is what makes those victories so substantial. Even though he seems scary, when he pulls out his hammer, you know it’s a good sign.

Light the Forge! is activated by a scatter sign of a volcano, so keep a look out for that. Free games of 10, 12, 15, or 20 spins are won when 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters appear on any reel. If 1-4 volcanic scatters appear during the feature, you’ll receive an additional +1-6 free spins.

During free spins, a win multiplier is activated, often beginning at x1. Each additional Vulcan Wild that appears on the reels activates Hammer Strike and boosts the multiplier by 1. Both the number of additional free spins and the maximum win multiplier are unlimited.

If you don’t win on the last free spin, the Strike Again! bonus game will activate as a gesture of heavenly kindness. This useful feature will keep giving you another chance to spin the reels till you win.

Quickspin’s new Bonus Buy feature allows players to skip the introductory levels (where available). For a one-time cost of just 80 times the entire stake, you may ensure that between three and six scatter symbols will appear on the following spin. The next round of free spins works just like the first.

Judgment by the Hammer of Vulcan

Quickspin’s Hammer of Vulcan is a challenging slot machine for risk-takers. ‘Brutal’ is about the worst term you could use to describe it. Still, vicious, ruthless, and brutal are all words that may be considered. The visual and auditory impacts are terrible, but in a fun manner, since they are so direct. The game’s unrelenting speed is painful, especially when combined with the ominous heavy metal soundtrack and the dramatic noises of reels landing or Hammer Strikes. However, the arithmetic model of this item isn’t quite as harsh. Comparable to Chinese water torture, but with a god wielding a two-handed hammer instead of beads of water. Negative effects are possible.

However, payoffs do exist. The ripped Vulcan not only gets a very explosive game, but he also rewards those who are successful at it generously. Quickspin has achieved a maximum return of 20,347 times the initial wager during testing. As a result, this slot machine is among Quickspin’s deadliest. The game gives its best blacksmith imitation by pounding the unwary into all kinds of forms on its anvil, and it also offers the possibility of huge victories. When compared to the unrelenting onslaught of the standard game’s enemies, the additional buy function becomes an exceptionally alluring offer.

Be careful, players, since this forge doesn’t mind swatting mortals like gnats. On the flip hand, Hammer of Vulcan should be a good fit for players who want a very unpredictable task with equally high rewards.

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