Slot Overview: Bubble Beez

Grab a diet Coke, a piece of pecan pie, or anything else strikes your fancy, and join Games Global friend and developer Crazy Tooth Studio on an adventure. If you’ve been keeping up with this group, you know better than to bring any preconceptions into one of their new games. Yes, we are going to take off on a honey and bee-themed trip complete with Tumble Reelz, Triangular Multipliers, Bee Boost features, and a Honey Prize Award jar; the slot in question is called Bubble Beez, which provides some hints. Let’s go if you’re ready to try a game developed by an unconventional development firm.

In line with the honey bee motif, the playing area of Bubble Beez is hexagonal, just like the cells in a honeycomb. The main visual element is a honeycomb, with honey drops and other UI elements sprinkled around it. The game looks and feels like a Crazy Tooth Studio title, all tense and old and determined to do its own thing regardless of whether that means it will succeed or fail. An offbeat jazzy oompah-punctuated score is the cherry on top.

Players may try out Bubble Beez’s bizzing buzzing pleasures on any device, with stakes ranging from 25 p/c each spin to £/€40 per spin. The game features three different RTP levels, the highest of which returns 96.15%. The volatility ranges from medium to high. It uses what is known as an Any next Pays system, which means that a win is generated whenever at least three matching symbols are next to each other on the game board, regardless of the direction in which they appear. Once a winning cluster has paid out, it is removed from the board and symbols fall into the vacant spots. If a new victory forms as a result, the tumbling process will begin again.

There are 10 unique pay symbols in Bubble Beez, and they’re all bees of all colors and sizes. All pay symbols are identical in value, despite their varied appearance. The payout for a cluster of winning symbols is 0.08 times the wager per symbol. While not precisely a fortune, Bubble Beez does have a few features that might increase winnings. One is the wild sign, which may be used in place of any other pay symbol, and the others will be discussed below.

Slot Functions for Bubble Beez

The Queen Bee feature, the Triangular Multiplier feature, the Bee Boost function, the Buzz Bomb feature, and the Honey Prize Award are the remaining bonuses in Bubble Beez.

Pose of the Queen

A Queen Bee Overlay can be used to outline pieces in a game. The winning symbols are collected in a frame. There are two possible outcomes when 3 Queen Bee Overlays have been acquired and the tumbles have ended.

Identical symbols are changed to one another.

Each of the three triangle symbol locations is replaced with the same standard symbol.

Any symbols with a matching Queen Bee Overlay or Honey Prize Overlay are taken from the board.

When there are no more winning combinations and there are less than three Queen Bee Overlays remaining, the bonus round will finish. In between turns, the total is reverted to zero. The following characteristics are also at play:

The Triangular Multiplier feature is activated when a winning combination of three adjacent matching symbols occurs. A triangular multiplier is positioned next to all symbols that might initiate a payout.

On the second round of the Tumble Reelz feature, the Bee Boost function will go into effect. All symbol payouts in that round are multiplied by a factor of the round number, up to a maximum of x5.

To activate the Buzz Bomb feature, all winning combinations must be exhausted before the Buzz Bomb icon appears on the board. After a Buzz Bomb detonates, the accompanying Queen Bee or Honey Prize Overlays are collected, and new symbols fall into the empty spaces.

If you gather five or more Honey Prize Overlays, you will win the Honey Prize! In addition to the situations described above, Honey Prize Overlays can also be claimed when one of the related symbols appears on a winning combination. Honey Prize awards can range from 4x to 123x the wager, grow over the course of play, and revert to their original levels should the maximum payout be claimed.

Slot Conclusion for Bubble Beez

I’m not sure what we were anticipating when we visited Bubble Beez, but it wasn’t what we got. When firing up the newest slot machine from Crazy Tooth Studio, that type of result is pretty much a guarantee at this point. The group just won’t conform to norms, jump on trends, or replicate the efforts of others. At least, that’s how its games usually come across, and Bubble Beez is only the latest example.

However, the real gameplay mechanics of Bubble Beez are similar to those of other games. Cascades are triggered by landing winning clusters, and features are activated by collecting specific things. The fundamentals of Bubble Beez should feel familiar to players who are accustomed to playing cluster paying slots in general. But, would they really want to get their hands dirty in the hopes of retrieving a few jars of hot honey? Although beauty is subjective, Bubble Beez is up against several other equally attractive online slot bees. Games like Reflex Gaming’s huge potential slot Bugs Money, NetEnt’s adorable Bee Hive Bonanza, Stakelogic’s Wild Buzz, or even older games like Wild Swarm or Honey Rush can pique your curiosity due to their undoubtedly more pleasant settings.

So, the idea is that Bubble Beez may have trouble competing with other bee-themed slot machines. In general, Crazy Tooth Studio’s slots are pretty unusual, and Bubble Beez is no exception; but, being unusual does not guarantee being good, and the game feels like it may end up in the curiosities case.

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